Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Where is the Left Wing in America?

The left have already arrived. 
They are right here at home.
Occupying this nation. 
And informing the 1% that
they have got to grow up
and obey the law. 

68% of America wants an end to
the corporate wars, enforcement
of laws limiting the machinations
of the banking industry, and
investment in jobs with justice
here in America. 

We also want universal health care and education,
like the rest of the western-industrialized nations
on the earth, so that we can complete.

Only healthy, well-educated, financially-secure,
citizens can build a better tomorrow. 

Many on the right have joined us in these demands.
And the two-faced, right wing sleaze machine
dreamers will be relegated to the dustbins of history....

Occupy Portland: Cutting Social Services to Pay for Corporate Wars....

Occupy Portland: Cutting Social Services to Pay for Corporate Wars....: 7-9 Trillion spent on bailing out the banks. Maybe this is part of why we are broke. I guess now congress will tell us we have to cut...

Cutting Social Services to Pay for Corporate Wars....

7-9 Trillion spent on bailing out the banks.
Maybe this is part of why we are broke.  
I guess now congress will tell us we have to
cut Social Security Benefits, school funding,
health care funding,  and funding for jobs to
pay for all that corporate welfare. 
But something sounds very wrong. 

How will poor, stupid, sick, and unemployed
citizens help secure the peace and rebuild
the economy? Instead we could stop funding
corporate contractors overseas, quit misusing our
troops in corporate profiteering, and bring our
people home to help rebuild America. 
But this makes entirely too much sense
for congress to listen.

They only listen when we camp out in
front of city hall, march, rally,
and raise a ruckus.

So I guess we will be back.      

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Some Movement Goals...

Invest in America:
Stop sending trillions to Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, etc...
(Three trillion plus at this point)  Instead, invest these funds in
rebuilding highways, bridges, ports, railroads, electrical grids,
and other infrastructure.  Basic, common sense investment,
which creates jobs and funds the necessary human services we
must provide for our people. 

Effective education:
Schools run by teaching professionals instead of having curriculum
and texts selected by the local McDonalds franchise owner.

Adequate Health care: 
Universal Public health care for the people, just like every other nation
on the planet. (Instead of allowing insurance executives to bankrupt the nation.)

Jobs with Justice:
Create jobs at home instead of shipping them overseas.

What is the "Occupation" all About?

In America today...

Wiretapping, giving trillions to the banks, starting corporate
wars of choice, sending in assassination squads, invading
sovereign nations for profit, rendering Americans, turning
over health care delivery to corporate transnationals, and
financing foreclosures on American homes are legal acts.

If you want to see what Democracy looks like,watch the people
of this nation shut down the west coast on December 12 to declare a
national economic emergency. This is what Democracy looks like.
And it is about time. 

We ended the Vietnam war by taking it to the streets. We will end the
wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan,and elsewhere by the same
method.  Martin Luther King was right. Dwight David Eisenhower
was right.  Courage will prevail over fear and when the American
people demand peace, the right wing had best get out of the way and
let them have it.

in solidarity and with best regards,

Associate Editor at The Portland Alliance,
part-time instructor at PCC, JWJ Steering Committee,
and member of the Labor Radio Collective.

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