Wednesday, December 7, 2011

What is the "Occupation" all About?

In America today...

Wiretapping, giving trillions to the banks, starting corporate
wars of choice, sending in assassination squads, invading
sovereign nations for profit, rendering Americans, turning
over health care delivery to corporate transnationals, and
financing foreclosures on American homes are legal acts.

If you want to see what Democracy looks like,watch the people
of this nation shut down the west coast on December 12 to declare a
national economic emergency. This is what Democracy looks like.
And it is about time. 

We ended the Vietnam war by taking it to the streets. We will end the
wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan,and elsewhere by the same
method.  Martin Luther King was right. Dwight David Eisenhower
was right.  Courage will prevail over fear and when the American
people demand peace, the right wing had best get out of the way and
let them have it.

in solidarity and with best regards,

Associate Editor at The Portland Alliance,
part-time instructor at PCC, JWJ Steering Committee,
and member of the Labor Radio Collective.

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