Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Cutting Social Services to Pay for Corporate Wars....

7-9 Trillion spent on bailing out the banks.
Maybe this is part of why we are broke.  
I guess now congress will tell us we have to
cut Social Security Benefits, school funding,
health care funding,  and funding for jobs to
pay for all that corporate welfare. 
But something sounds very wrong. 

How will poor, stupid, sick, and unemployed
citizens help secure the peace and rebuild
the economy? Instead we could stop funding
corporate contractors overseas, quit misusing our
troops in corporate profiteering, and bring our
people home to help rebuild America. 
But this makes entirely too much sense
for congress to listen.

They only listen when we camp out in
front of city hall, march, rally,
and raise a ruckus.

So I guess we will be back.      

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